Wednesday, 19 September 2012

This is my garden

A few pictures although they don't really give a great overview of the entire plot and where everything is, it's a start. I've arranged some pots on a slope leading up to my garage, in the pots i've got some pansies, some cyclamen, a few red Geraniums and also a small bay tree to add structure. In six of the pots I have planted tulip bulbs ready for spring, i'm in half a mind to get some daffodils bulbs in with them, this will increase the season of interest. Decision pending also bank balance pending, kids aren't cheap ;-P

As you can see I have a smallish lawn with my flower beds up one side with a number of pots on the other. I try to keep the place a child friendly garden however its a fine balancing act . Well this is a start of an introduction i'll blog more pictures of the front and more detailed pictures of what I have in the garden plant wise soon :-)


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