Friday, 21 September 2012

Cutting of a phlox

Just a quick one today.

One thing i'm doing at the moment is attempting to sucessfully increase my stock of Phlox, this is a cutting from the plant I bought in the summer. I read online how to go about it, I think I have done it correctly, however only time will tell. I've uploaded a picture and will keep you up to date on how they go. The next time I take cuttings i'll upload a picture with more detail on how I have taken the cuttings. As this blog is still early days for me I did these cuttings before I started it. 

Phlox Cuttings after 2 days

It's worth mentioning i'm covering the pot with a clear polythene bag, I try to air it out everyday as it gets a bit stuffy. I'm also going to be using a mist gun to water it. I'd like to say im doing this because...... however I just read somewhere that you should so lets experiment !

To see the parent plant please see my last blog, also here is a link to see one how it's supposed to look ;-P mine is a slightly whiter version from the flame series.

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