Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Introduction to me

I'm James, i'm 25 and I have been renting my house for appox 2 and a half years with my beautiful wife and two soon to be three amazing children. I've been extremely lucky that my landlord is more than happy for me to garden until my hearts content baring no major ground works or construction projects, I have free range to grow away.

I've decided to share with you all my experiences and here is where I start, it's worth mentioning now that I have no horticultral back ground this is my second year of gardening and I do not claim to know anything i'm on the begining of my learning journey !

So I guess you can expect failures ( and i will blog them ) and my triumphs, experiments, various projects down the way and anything in between .

My plot is a small semi detached property with small front sloping garden with a larger rear garden and a drive way up the side.

Anyway this was a short introduction more is to follow I will give a run through of what sorts of plants i'm growing in my garden now, what i'm doing in the garden now and what plans i've got ! Keep ur eyes pealed Blogs on their way ! 

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