Sunday, 23 September 2012

DIY slug traps

Due to the relative success of my slug traps, and the fact the world seems to be being taken over by the slimy sods, I feel I should share how to make them.

I didn't really have to buy anything except some lager 'ow the hardship' however pouring it into the garden hmmmmm.... good job it's cheap stuff !

All I used was a stanley blade (be careful), an empty robinsons juice bottle (any size can be used so long as there’s no handle) and obviously as previously mentioned the bait, asda value lager.

To start with I cut about an inch and a half off the bottom of the bottle.

Then I cut the top of the bottle off about 3 inches tall, leaving u two halves a bottom basin for the lager and a top roof as shown.
Mark on both halves three slots to cut, we need to mark them before we start cutting so that the gaps will match up nicely.

Then cut the slots, you marked out, using the Stanley blade.

Once both halves have been cut your done, dig a little hole for the bottom half to sit in then fill with the lager. Replace the top half to protect from rain, I like to make convenient mud ramps for them to slither to their drunken ends :-)


  1. They are working well :-) xxx

  2. Yeah they are, need next year to not be so wet so slugs can't rapidly multiply.