Saturday, 6 October 2012

Identity unknown

I have recently received 20 bulbs, at a glance I'd they are all spring bulbs but some look like they might be lily's.
I would have ordinarily checked at source what the bulbs were. Unfortunately as they were from someone, through someone I knew this was not possible.
The majority of the bulbs i believe to be daffodils (well this is more an un-educated wild guess) mixed with a few crocus( again wild guess) . There is one bulb that's interesting me, it is rounded but elongated, I do not recognise it. I'm mostly looking forward to seeing what that bulb turns out to be. I suppose I could Google it and find out but to be honest I'd prefer to wait and see.

Obviously Im planting the unknown, so Im going to plant all the bulbs in multi-purpose compost. I have planted the larger bulbs in the larger pots and the smaller bulbs in the smaller ones.


Nothing will happen now until spring but as soon as the first shoot comes through i will be straight on here all excited telling you all about it.

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